About Us
About Aircraft Technical Services

We have over 70 combined years in the aviation business in all
customer service, operational, maintenance, engine & APU overhaul

Our mission is to provide a full range of experienced technical aircraft
& engine asset management to operators and leasing companies
utilizing our airline, line, overhaul & aircraft management leadership .

Our goal is to minimize cost of ownership and fully optimize
management of our clients aircraft assets.

We started consulting in 2005 after being involved in the aviation
business since 1987. Our technical consultants have worked with/or
for the biggest names in commercial aviation. We have managed
aircraft, aircraft parts & records in Europe, North, Central & South
America, the Middle East & Asia. We have the operational,
maintenance, global contacts and technical consultant experience
that our clients require to manage their aircraft assets in the global
MRO marketplace.
Aircraft Technical Services  - 133 S Highway 17-92 #530687 - DeBary, FL  - 32753-0687