Aircraft Technical Services
Heavy Aircraft Maintenance Visit Management
Full Aircraft Record Audits
Over 70 combined years in the aviation business
Experience in all aspects of aircraft services, customer
service, maintenance checks & powerplant management
Global Aviation Contacts in the fields of MRO's, Leasing,
Sales, Parts

We provide to our clients a full range of services.

  • On-site End of Lease / Phase Out Checks Acceptance / Redeliveries
  • On-site Damage Aircraft Reports / Audits
  • On-site Engine & APU shop visit management & Scrap Review
  • Technical Evaluations Reports
  • De-registration / Registration process with International Aviation
  • Full Aircraft Records Review / Audit
  • Contractual adherence of the lease, sub-lease or sale agreement
  • Estopple & Return Acceptance Receipts
  • Yearly Audit / Inspections
  • Bankruptcies & Repossesions
We provide effective & professional representation to protect your asset
while your aircraft is undergoing maintenance at an MRO during EOL  
preparing to deliver it to the next operator. Our technical services
providers are fully qualified, technology savvy, customer service
orientated, experienced and knowledgeable in all aviation authority
regulations (FAA, EASA/JAA) and aircraft systems with the latest in digital
hardware & software. We couple this with strong organization,
communication, computer & people skills to develop a team approach
to maintenance among the vendors, suppliers & other customers.

We offer true peace of mind for the busy executive. Our clients are
frequently updated and are involved directly as the situation requires.  All
documentation can be scanned & indexed if required and provided on a
CD-ROM or uploaded to a client FTP site.  This can be used for future
reference or for certification purposes in the event of lost or missing

Aircraft Technical Services  - 133 S Highway 17-92 #530687 - DeBary, FL - 32753-0687
Aircraft Technical Services

A provider of independent aviation business services to commercial aircraft
owners, global aircraft leasing companies, airlines, engineering companies,
aircraft manufacturers & banks. Service provider of technical aviation consulting
in matters of commercial aircraft sales, leases, sub-leases, audits, returns &
deliveries. Services consisting of primarily world wide on site multi-million dollar
aircraft asset management responsible for all details in aircraft transactions
through global aviation authorities, legal, parts, records, maintenance,
demonstration flights, registrations & airworthiness concerns and certification.