Services We Provide

We offer our clients the following review services. Our services are
provided in strict confidentiality. Please contact us for pricing and
contractual concerns.
Consulting / Analysis / Advice
Professional On-Site Representation
Invoice Auditing including MPD Manhour substation review
Work Scoping & Planning
Airworthiness Directive Summaries (including completed Job Cards) on
Engines, APU, Airframes & Appliances
FAR - Federal Aviation Regulations Compliance
Modification Summaries (Service Bulletins, STC, EO.)
Certificates (Airworthiness, Registration, Noise, etc.)
Last Major Check Release, Check History review
LOPA & Emergency Equipment Layout
Free of Charge SB Kits
FAR 25.853 Compliance (Cabin Burn Certificates)
Dent & Buckle, Repair Mapping
Weight & Balance Reports
Rotable Component Summary
Hard Time / On Condition Status (including certificates)
Vendor Invoice Review & clarification
Engine Shop Reports
Strategic plan development for engine inductions,OH, Repair & Testing
Daily Audits to ensure TAT & compliance
Scrap & on-hold parts review
Technical Support email & telephone
Vendor service, training, negotiations & implementation
Original Delivery Documents
Demonstration Flight
Avionics Review
FAA 8130 Components & 8110 Major Repairs
Landing Gear & Engine LLP Status (including Back to Birth trace)
FAR 21.120 Supplemental Type Certificate (STC)
FAR Part 43 Maintenance
FAR 45.11 Export Certificate of Airworthiness (ECoA)
FAR Part  91.417 Maintenance Records
FAR Part 91.411 Altimeter Systems
FAR Part 91.413 ATC Transponders
FAR Part  121.380 Maintenance Recording Requirements
FAR Part 125 Certification & Operations
FAR Part 145 Regulation Repair Stations
EASA Part M CAMO  Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization
EASA Part M, Part 21, Part 145 Compliance
Jar Ops 1  JAA - Joint Aviation Authorities
Full Aircraft Maintenance & Records Management  
Bankruptcy Returns & Repossesions
Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDS)
Irish Aeronautical Notices G, A, D, O, P, S, T Compliance
This list of some of the services that we provide. If you are
interested in these or other services not listed. Please feel free
to inquire on our
Contact Us page for our other aviation

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